Women in Film & Video: September President’s Message

Women of Vision 2015

Photo by Liz Roll

“The most important part of your equipment is yourself: your mobile body, your imaginative mind, and your freedom to use both. Make sure you do use them.”

These words of Maya Deren (1917-1961), an experimental filmmaker famous for both her stream of consciousness, expressionistic films and her entrepreneurial approach to filmmaking, are both inspirational and challenging. It’s the delicate process of balancing independent, creative vision with financial realities that Women in Film & Video strives to support. But what makes WIFV unique?

According to Keri Williams, WIFV board member, it’s our ability to connect, support, and encourage one another, both virtually and face-to-face. Ms. Williams will invite you to a film screening, reach out to students at local universities, post info about the event on the ListServ, and bring everyone together to meet the directors.  As Ms. Williams puts it, “My Plus 1 is WIFV.  My Plus 1 is 1,000 people.”

This sense of community and connections is not only powerful in an immediate sense, but also reaches back to the 1970s, to WIFV’s founding members. Most of the founders are still very involved in the organization. You can meet them at happy hours, Women of Vision events, and our annual membership events. They provide strategic guidance, encouragement, and support to the WIFV board of directors, advisory committee, and staff – all with the goal of improving and sustaining this organization for future media makers in the DC metro area.

As Ms. Deren said, “It’s a terrible pain to be a filmmaker, because you not only have the creative problems, but you have financial problems that they (other artists) don’t have. You have technical problems that they don’t have. You have machines that are breaking down in a way that paintbrushes don’t break down . . . And if you are a filmmaker, it’s because there is something in the sheer medium that seems to be able to make some sort of statement that you particularly want to make, and which no other medium to you seems capable of making in the same way.”

Make your statement at this signature WIFV event in September:

  • An Evening with Christine Vachon, hosted at GMU’s Johnson Center Cinema, in Fairfax, Virginia, on Weds., Sept. 28th.   WIFV is honored to present the Women of Vision Award to Christine Vachon in celebration of her creative and technical achievements in media.

Changing media one story at a time,

Learn more at WIFV.org


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