Women in Film and Video: March President’s Message

DSC_0015 (2)“I got me a camera and got to it.” Best known for her compelling photographic records of World War II’s impact on civilians, especially children, Therese Bonney (American, 1894-1978) became so unhappy with the lackluster work of the photographers working in her news-photos service in Paris that she started taking the photos herself.  Bonney’s images of homeless adults and children on the Russian-Finnish war front attest to her skill as a visual communicator, and the power of media to create social consciousness.  Ultimately collected in 1943’s Europe’s Children, the film treatment she wrote based on these experiences inspired the Academy-award winning film The Search.  Bonney was also the heroine of a wartime True Comics issue, Photofighter.

Women like Therese Bonney take matters into their own hands, are fierce in their pursuit of art and justice, and leave indelible marks on our spirits – for the better. Women’s History Month honors all of the women who have fought inequality, championed human rights, and broken down barriers.  Women in Film & Video will honor the outstanding accomplishments of our own heroines with the 31 for 31 campaign.  Each day this month, WIFV will give a shout out to a member who inspires us on Twitter and Facebook.  The proceeds of this month’s campaign will go to the Seed Fund for Documentary Filmmakers unless specified otherwise.  Celebrate WIFV with a $31 donation this month.

Here are some more ways to be the change you want to see:

  • Love watching films? Join the #52FilmsByWomen movement! Make the commitment, watch one film a week, and post about it on Facebook or Twitter. You can curate a list on GoWatchIt, or pull from one of the many lists of films by female writers and directors. Or start with the film SUFFRAGETTE to help inspire you for Women’s History Month.
  • Hone your career skills with the WIFV Career Series, starting with a Weds One Resume Swap and culminating with the Media Job Fair and a special LinkedIn session in April. Hear from industry experts about what employers want to see in your resume and your interviews. To paraphrase Bonney, “Get to it!”
  • Join us at the Hirshhorn Museum on March 12th for the panel discussion A Journey to Success: A Conversation with Women Filmmakers, moderated by Catherine Wyler and featuring award-winning filmmakers Jane Barbara, Jami Ramberan, and Via Buksbazen. This “special edition”* of Smithsonian’s signature Museum Day Live! event will encourage all people, and particularly women and girls of color, to explore their nation’s museums, cultural institutions, zoos, aquariums, parks and libraries– which will offer free admission for the day. Special thanks to board member Brigitte Yuille for bringing this opportunity to WIFV.

Celebrate Women’s History Month with WIFV!  Visit WIFV.org.


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