Women in Film and Video: September President’s Message

FullSizeRender (4)No, that’s not my personal Oscar in the photo this month, but I certainly enjoyed getting to hold him when I attended the WIFV Advisory Committee meeting last week. It was my first official meeting as President of Women in Film & Video, and I considered it a good omen for my presidency. An actress by trade, this photo taps into some of my own personal fantasies about the ultimate career. What would my life look like if I was experiencing amazing success and all of my dreams were coming true? From the first magical moment of inspiration to the 7:00 a.m. call time, how do I stay inspired and 100% present?

I took these questions with me from that committee meeting to the annual WIFV board retreat at Interface Media Group on Saturday. This was my opportunity to share that “this is so cool” feeling I had when I held that Oscar with our new and returning board members. You should know that WIFV board members are fearless and relentless in their pursuit of excellence, but they also need inspiration and vision each year as we develop our strategic plan. Liz Fletcher Brown, award-winning author and Immediate Past President of the National Speakers Association, was our guest speaker. She stood in front of the room and told a story about her experiences as a professional dancer, including lessons learned about keeping your balance in rough waters.

Liz spoke to us about clarifying our purpose, strengths, and values. The more clarity we put around this, the more our work on behalf of WIFV will be a joyful expression of our vision for the organization. As I looked across the table at Monica Lee Bellais, creator and founder of Spotlight on Screenwriters, I saw how closely her own essential beliefs are tied to that program. Monica believes strongly in the power of our screenwriters, and is fully invested in supporting and developing their professional skills. When Liz asked everyone to say two words that exemplify WIFV’s purpose, Monica responded, “Empowering creativity.” If you haven’t yet seen the Spotlight one-sheets from the first catalogue of screenplays, you’re missing a truly fantastic expression of those two words. While we’re on the topic of Spotlight on Screenwriters, mark these dates on your fall calendar:

  • Aug. 12th – Last day for Spotlight on Screenwriters 3rd/final submission deadline
  • Sept. 3 – Marketing a Screenplay Workshop
  • Sept. 18 – Early Bird Pricing Ends for ScriptDC
  • Oct. 1 – Lights, Camera, Action! Workshop
  • Nov. 13 – 15 – ScriptDC

Please let us know when you see us fulfilling our mission, share with us when you have a new career opportunity through WIFV connections, and tweet @WIFV_DC when you receive well-deserved recognition for your work as a media maker. Better yet, come to the WIFV Open House on Weds., September 2nd @ 6 p.m. at Henninger Media, and tell us your stories in person! And although we won’t know until the October awards ceremony, WIFV is a finalist for the Annual Mayor’s Arts Awards for Excellence in Service to the Arts for the second consecutive year in a row. Maybe I’ll get another chance to hold an award that belongs to someone else this year . . . you.

Changing media one story at a time,

Learn more at WIFV.org


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